Hello and welcome

Hello. I am Jesus Maldonado, but my friends call me Jesse. Others know me as KAMonkey, a freelance artist from Southern California. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I started working when I was only 14 years old.From a very young age, I learned to put pencil to paper in expressing my ideas. In high school, I jumped fully into mechanical and architectural drafting for over 3 years. Once in college, I left drafting behind and opened myself to other arts. I studied Fine Arts, not only fine tuning my illustrative techniques, but theatre and art appreciation as well.

I take pride in being a generalist. Someone who is at home in the Adobe Creative Suite, but can also easily work in Microsoft Office. I am comfortable editing an image in Adobe Photoshop one minute, and then writing a macro within Visual Basic for Microsoft Excel the next. I strive in being the learn-it-all. Being the know-it-all will force you to hit walls in your knowledge, and you will ultimately no longer strive to learn. If I don’t have the answer, you know I will to all I can to find it.

Feel free to look around or drop me a line. If you are interested in purchasing my artwork, search for me on…